Blinds for offices

Waverley are experts at providing the best blinds for offices. We believe the performance of an organisation is hugely impacted by the working environment in which it operates. By being experts in the science of solar shading we use this knowledge to recommend, manufacture and install a solar shading solution that will enable staff to work in offices that are protected from excessive heat and glare, whilst retaining natural daylight and a view of the outside world.

The Waverley product range includes blinds with the highest performing fabric on the planet – Verosol Silverscreen. Thanks to a thin coating of highly reflective aluminium, Silverscreen can reduce the solar energy entering a building by up to 86%. It cuts glare whilst retaining a view outside far more effectively than standard screen fabrics and also maintains a uniform look from the outside of the building regardless of the colour on the inside.

Electric blinds for offices are manufactured in our factory and when wired to building management systems can take building energy efficiency to a whole new level. Blackout blinds for boardrooms, curtains for breakout areas or executive suites are all available from Waverley.

Room darkening blinds for office

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