Weinor Kubata Awning

Weinor Kubata Cubic Cassette Awning




The Weinor Kubata Cassette Awning features a cubic shape which blends perfectly into modern house architecture as a stylish design element.  With its screwless look and the option of integrated LED lighting, this contemporary awning meets the highest aesthetic requirements.

When open, the Kubata has a high quality textile feel.  When closed, the cubic cassette creates clean lines against the building facade.  The all-round enclosed and robust awning cassette keeps the fabric and other technical components just as well protected from the elements as the controlled rain drain at the front of the drop profile. Kubata is fixed almost flush to the wall, so that no rainwater or dirt makes the house wall dirty under the awning cassette.

The patented Opti-Flow System® is equipped with a support profile, so that the awning fabric glides across the entire width. Combined with the low-noise Weinor Longlife arm which has a 10 year warranty, this gives very high tensioning strength and ensuring optimum positioning of the fabric.

LED spotlights integrated into the cassette are available on request. The economical LEDs stand out due to their low energy consumption, and are almost infinitely dimmable using an additional BiConnect control.  The beauty of this integration is that this provides neat exterior lighting whether or not the awning is opened.


Features & Benefits

  • Modern cubic cassette design
  • Screwless look
  • Standard wall mounting
  • Option of ceiling or rafter installation if required
  • Motorised control by hand transmitter, sun sensor or app
  • Option of Integrated LED lighting
  • Maximum width 6.5m
  • Maximum projection 4m
  • Over 140 fabric colours
  • Over 200 frame colours
  • Low noise Longlife arm with 10 year warranty
  • Innovative Opti-Flow System®
  • High wind resistance of up to 5 on Beaufort scale
  • Tried & tested wind lock safety device

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