Weinor I/K/N 2000 Awning

Weinor I/K/N 2000 Awning




The Weinor I2000 & K2000 are the ultimate cassetted awnings, the Weinor N2000 awning is specially designed for alcoves, shop fronts and niche installations. Cassetted awnings are the ultimate long-lasting awning solution, the cassette protecting the fabric and hardware when not in use. A wide range of external grade fabrics is available. Awnings can be manually operated by a geared crank rod or electrically operated via remote control switch. Wind and sun sensors can be fitted to electrically operated awning for additional control.

A single I/K/N 2000 awning can cover up to 7m width. Coupled units can cover 14m width. Maximum projection is 4m

Features & Benefits

  • Fabric protected by fully enclosed cassette when not in use
  • Option of manual crank handle or electric operation
  • Wind & sun sensors can be fitted for improved functionality
  • Coupled units possible to cover large areas

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