T60 Track

T60 curtain track for large stage curtains

Curtain tracks for large and heavy stage curtains are made from epoxy-coated steel for maximum strength. The track system comprises of a steel tube welded to a series of  ‘horseshoe shaped’ brackets with a twin track mounted below. Curtain runners with two nylon wheels each run on the twin tracks and fixing brackets mounted to the steel tube.

A vast range of brackets can be used on the track for either ceiling fixing on wall fixing. The tracks can be bent and overlapped.

Suitable for electric drives, hand winches, hand-line cord or walk along operation Waverley’s stage track is popular in schools everywhere and its’ versatility means it can be manufactured to any configuration you require  

Features & Benefits

  • Sturdy steel construction  – strong enough for the heaviest curtains
  • Ball bearing runners –smooth operation
  • Wide range of fixing brackets – versatile fixing options
  • Track can be bent and curved

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