Creation Baumann Vario Acoustic Curtain System

This curtain system offers flexible sound insulation and customisable sound absorption combined with room zoning.  It is an innovative solution by Création Baumann which enables effective reduction in rooms with high noise levels.

Acoustic Divider Vario features the layering of acoustic fabric at front and back, sandwiched with one or two layers of Création Baumann NoiseSilencer made from flame retardant Molton coated with a special film.  This curtain composition effectively insulates sound.

The metal curtain rail for installation is available in two profile sizes, with a high load capacity of 90 and/or 150kg, straight or curved, in white or grey.  The rail has smoothly running internal custom castors and can be hand operated or motorised.  Vario should be installed professionally in order to achieve the desired effect, flush with the floor.

Take a look at our case study at Thames Wharf.

Features & Benefits

  • Dividing rooms with acoustic effectiveness
  • Noise Reduction of up to 16dB
  • Tested according to ISO 15186-1, ISO 354/ISO11654 and DIN EN 29053/ISO 9053
  • Choice of 5 acoustic fabrics from Creation Baumann sandwiched with NoiseSilencer
  • Design options of more than 150 colours, textures and finishes
  • Pleat heading or flat design
  • Metal rail available in two profile sizes, straight or curved, in white or grey
  • High load capacity of 90 and/or 150kg
  • Hand or motorised operation

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