Archbishop Lanfranc School, Croydon

Roller Blinds, dimout blinds and stage curtains installed in new-build school

Waverley worked for specialist education fit-out company FFE Consulting to manufacture and install all blinds and curtains to this new build school in Croydon that was built by main contractors Galliford Try. Built to accommodate 1350 students over four floors, the school boasts state of the art sports hall, fitness studio, dance studio and 6th form centre.

ShadeTech® RBL-C chain operated roller blinds with Betascreen® 90 fabric were installed to the majority of classrooms. The screen fabric reduces heat and glare whilst allowing a good degree of natural light into the rooms and through vision to the outside world to create a stimulating learning environment.

High-level ribbon windows in the main hall benefited from electric, battery powered roller blinds. These require no electric wiring, but are effortless to operate via a wall mounted remote control switch. Electric blinds also removes any hazardous operating chains or wands, making them ‘safe by design’ according to BSEN 13120 regulations.

All doors with door vision panels had the simple yet very effective ShadeTech® Door Vison Panel Flap installed. A simple panel of fabric is mounted along its top edge to the door using turn-buckle fittings. When not in use, the panel is roller up and secured with a centre tab. When privacy or room darkening is required the tab is released and the fabric secured at the bottom of the vision panel with turn buckles. With no protruding brackets on guidewires prone to damage the fabric panel is highly effective, robust and maintenance free solution for door vision panels in schools.

The science labs required a high degree of room darkening, so Waverley installed ShadeTech® DBL-G dim-out blinds with cassette and side channels. The side channels have a special LightLock® fabric retention system which ensures the fabric is retained within the channels. This will ensure the school is not confronted with costly repairs in years to come from dim-out blinds with torn fabric covers.

Stage curtain tracks and curtains were installed in the main hall and dance studio. Heavy duty DrapeTech® steel curtain tracks were used, and were bent to suit the stage in the hall and the perimeter of the dance studio walls. Heavy duty curtains were made using wool serge acoustic fabric. The curtains were attached to the wheeled curtain track runners with hand sewn snap hooks.

The school now has a robust, high performance solar shading solution that is guaranteed to give a problem free service for years to come, thereby reducing maintenance cost and enhancing the reputation of FFE Consulting.

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