St. John’s Angell Town Primary School

Aluminium canopy system ideal for modular buildings in schools

St. John’s Angell Town Primary School is a brand new school built in the South London suburb of Brixton. Building contractors Elliott Construction sub-contracted the supply & installation of the external canopies to Waverley. The architects’ design for the school included several free-standing mono-pitch canopies to  provide shelter from the elements for waiting parents, and create an inspiring covered leaning area as an exciting alternative to the classroom for primary school children.

The buildings were of modular construction and so all canopies were required to be free-standing so as not to exert any load on the building structure. Modular buildings are becoming increasingly popular as local authorities race to provide more schools faster and cheaper to meet the growing demand. This demand for faster, less expensive buildings has led contractors to look for alternatives to conventional bespoke steel canopies that will cut costs, reduce lead times and require less disruption on site in the form of large concrete foundations and a protracted installation times on site.

The ideal compliment to modular buildings

Waverley’s WeatherSpan canopies are the ideal compliment to modular buildings. Consisting of extruded aluminium profiles with a poly carbonate roof, all of which are held in stock mean the standard lead time for a WeatherSpan canopy is just 2 weeks. By using aluminium instead of steel, WeatherSpan canopies have the same wind and snow load capacity as steel framed canopies but are significantly lighter. This means the size of foundations required are less, in fact on this project, Waverley cast the canopy posts in concrete as the canopy was erected. This saved the contractor time, hassle and money.

WeatherSpan canopies are available in two powder coat finishes as standard: White and Anthracite Grey. Profiles an be powder coated to any other RAL colour, and in this instance a yellow colour was used for the parent’s waiting area canopy at the front entrance to match the school’s corporate colours. The classroom canopies were supplied in white.

Sleek design blends well with modern building

The canopy’s sleek, design with all gutters and down pipes hidden inside the canopy frame compliments the modern design on the building. The bright yellow colour of the canopies provides a striking contrast to the grey building.

Made entirely of 100% non-corrosive materials (aluminium and polycarbonate) the canopy provides the school with a zero maintenance solution that will continue to look new for years to come. Parents have a sheltered waiting area at the the beginning and end of the day and children have a stimulating outside learning area protected from rain and harsh sunlight.

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