Urbanest, 5 Miles Street

Room darkening blinds for student accommodation building

Urbanest’s 33 storey, £42M new build student accommodation block in Vauxhall London is the latest  in a string of similar projects to be built for them by main contractors Balfour Beatty. Waverley has been honoured to work on a number of these projects and were delighted to manufacture and install the window blinds for this exciting new development.

Waverley’s experience in the student accommodation sector such as the Kings Cross building for Urbanest and its’ capacity to work on large scale, multi-phase projects was recognised by Balfour Beatty. By dealing directly with a manufacturer, Balfour Beatty were able to realise savings with the added advantage of flexibility on lead times – a requirement for multi-phase projects with moving deadlines.

With a long track record in the student accommodation sector, ShadeTech® RBL-C roller blinds were chosen by Urbanest to provide room darkening to all bedroom/living areas. The blinds were installed within a pre-formed bulkhead using the ShadeTech mounting bar system. This allows multiple fixings along the width of the blinds rather than concentrating fixings at either end. This is particularly important where plasterboard or other potentially weak substrates are used.

ThetaBlock® 30 dim-out fabric was used to provide to provide a high level of room darkening. The fabric is completely opaque allowing no light to pass through it with the advantage of a white backing which reflects light back out through the glazing reducing the effects of solar heat gain. The white backing also provides a uniform appearance from the outside regardless of the colour of the fabric. A light grey fabric was chosen to compliment the neutral colour scheme in the rooms.

Waverley ensured all blinds complied with BS EN13120 safety legislation by installing chain retainers to every blind and ensuring chain loops were a minimum of 1.5m from the finished floor level.

The end result is a robust blind system that complies to child safety and fire regulations backed by a five year warranty. Manufactured and installed by one company to ensure the blinds package was completed on time, on budget and snag-free.

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