King’s Hawford Junior School

Room darkening blinds for a multi-purpose sports and drama hall

The ‘Bartholomew Barn’ is a single storey, multi-purpose sports and drama hall. The building is the UK’s first ever building designed and constructed to the ‘Multi-Comfort’ standards – a new standard of environmental building pioneered by Saint Gobain which includes daylighting and acoustics. It is also certified to the world leading Passivhaus standard which requires excellent thermal insulation, airtightness and filtered heat-recovery ventilation.

Whilst ample daylight is welcomed for sports activities, maximum light exclusion is vital for when the hall is used for drama activities. The architect needed an unobtrusive room darkening blind that could work on sloping roof light glazing as well as being easy to operate. To avoid any negative impact on the thermal and acoustic performance of the building, the blinds had to be installed without penetrating the building membrane. The blinds were installed behind the finished ceiling so as to maintain the clean minimalistic lines of the vaulted roof.

ShadeTech DBLT-E Electric dim-out rooflight blind with LightLock fabric retention side channels were installed to the high level sloping rooflight windows. These can be effortlessly operated via the wall mounted radio switch. ShadeTech DBL-G geared crank rod operated dim-out blinds were installed to the standard windows providing a dim-out blind that is robust, easy to use and complies with BS EN13120 Child Safety legislation.

  • Location: Worcester

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