New Build Residential Property, South East England

New build residential property, South East England

Waverley installed over forty electric Lutron roller blinds in this exclusive high-end single dwelling new build residential project. The house owner employed a specialist interior designer to realise his vision of a sophisticated, modern interior which included large amounts of glazing to maximise natural light levels. The design included the need for electric window blinds connected to a home automation system. The blinds must allow the maximum amount of natural light whilst reducing glare and providing privacy and were required to disappear from view when not in use so as to maintain the minimalistic design.

Close attention to detail
The design emphasis on maximising natural light included two multi-faceted glazed stairwells surrounding a spiral staircase at each end of the house. Each section of glazing needed its own individual roller blind measuring just 600mm wide but with a height of over 4 metres. To make the blinds invisible when not in use, Waverley provided the building contractor and architect with CAD drawings to enable them to create ceiling pockets to conceal the roller blinds.
With lighting, heating, sound system and window blinds all controlled via a central home automation system Waverley were required to provide the electrical sub-contractor with wiring diagrams and to work closely with them to ensure the correct wiring provision was correctly positioned to ensure successful functioning of the blinds. The blinds in each room operate simultaneously via a wall mounted central home automation control panel.
The client said:

Waverley were able to work with the builder and architect to deliver bespoke solutions to some non-standard windows, specifically 2 double storey curved bays and some 3-sided bays. By utilising recessed blind boxes and ensuring the necessary infrastructure was concealed, we ended up with minimalist but functional solutions to reflect our interior design needs. The support and particularly the service post-installation has been highly responsive, friendly and professional.

Slick, silent blinds provide effortless shading & privacy
Electric Lutron roller blinds boast the only truly silent motor in the industry. The blinds literally raise and lower themselves without a sound – a really neat feature when there are multiple blinds in one room as in this case – 7 blinds in each stairwell and 5 blinds in the dining room.

Another unique feature of Lutron blinds is the perfect alignment of adjacent fabric hem bars. While other electric roller blinds can achieve an approximate 5mm tolerance, Lutron blinds can be perfectly aligned creating a visually stunning effect when there are multiple blinds on the same elevation or in the same room.

The electric Lutron roller blinds were fabricated in Waverley’s own factory which allowed the interior designer and the client to choose from a wide range of fabrics either from Lutron’s range or Waverley’s ShadeTech range.

The interior designer selected Alphashade 20 fabric from the ShadeTech range of blind fabrics. Alphashade 20 is a roller blind screen fabric with a 3% openness fabric that reduces glare and allows a good degree of filtered natural light into the house. The blind fabric has a reflective silver backing facing the glass that reduces the effect of solar heat gain, whilst providing privacy from the outside and maintains a good degree of through vision from the inside. This fabric is manufactured using a unique ‘pre-constraint’ method whereby the fabric yarns are held under tension during the weaving process.

The end result is a fabric that is incredibly stable which reduces the risk of fabric not running straight off the roller – a particular risk on the narrow but tall roller blinds in the stairwells on this project.
The end result is a high-end residential dwelling with a solar shading solution that works seamlessly (and silently) via the home automation system to create a comfortable and private living space in keeping with the interior décor.

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