East Berkshire College

Motorised roller blinds for the newly build East Berkshire College

The 7m high glazing on this new-build college project required shading that would reduce heat build up and glare without blocking out too much light or compromise the clean, clear look of curtain walling.

ShadeTech RBXL-E motorised roller blinds in BetaScreen 30 fabric with a front fascia powdercoated to match the curtain walling frame were specified. The blinds are almost invisible when not in use and the BetaScreen 30 fabric provides excellent glare protection whilst allowing a good degree of light to enter the building whilst allowing through vision to the outside world.

The 7m drop is covered by three blinds, each dropping to the mullion below. The blinds can be operated in groups or all together via a wall mounted radio switch.

  • Location: Slough

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