Ness Point, Dover

Silent Gliss recessed tracks installed in Grand Design 2017 award winning home

Waverley are proud to have supplied & installed Silent Gliss curtain tracks and blinds to private residence ‘Ness Point’ – the Winner of the RIBA South East Award 2017 as featured on Grand Designs. ‘Ness Point’ is an inspiring private residence perched on top of the white cliffs of Dover offering unrivaled views across the English Channel through its many multi-faceted glazed walls. Waverley supplied and installed all of the window furnishings on behalf of building contractor Coombs (Canterbury) Ltd.

The building’s unique undulating form gives each room a different view, the walls curve in and out and the roof is angled to blend in with the jagged cliffs surrounding it. Floor to ceiling glazing is curved to follow the shape of the outside walls. Manufacturing and installing curtain tracks and curtains to this full height curved glazing required careful templates to be made and curtain tracks bent to match.

Extensive use of glass in residential interiors is increasingly common, especially where the location lends itself to sought-after views. Privacy and glare control are important factors in the overall comfort and functionality of a house, and increasingly so when large expanses of glazing are used. Curtain tracks are particularly suited to curved glass walls, as they can be bent to suit almost any shape. The ability to recess tracks into the ceiling allows interior designers to maintain clean, crisp appearances in contemporary interiors.

The living room area boasts a spectacular floor to ceiling curved glass wall facing the coast. The architect chose Silent Gliss 6243 recessed curtain track so that views through the glazing were unimpeded. Two tracks were recessed into a purpose-built MDF pelmet board that was shaped to match the curvature of the glazing. One curtain track has sheer curtains and the other blackout curtains. When the curtains are not in use, all that is visible of the curtain tracks is a thin slot in the painted ceiling. The Silent Gliss ‘Wave’ curtain heading was used to create a contemporary look with uniform ‘wave’ pleats in the fabric.

The bathroom is completely open planned with floor to ceiling glass looking out to sea, giving panoramic views of the coast (and France) from the shower! An electric roller blind mounted in a ceiling recess can be lowered in front of the shower for privacy.

Bedroom windows have two roller blinds installed inside a ceiling pocket – one blind with blackout fabric for enhanced light exclusion, and the other a screen fabric providing privacy and glare protection.

The Grand Designs 2017 award is testament to a well-designed, modern house that blends beautifully with its surroundings.

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