Charterhouse School, Godalming

Electric roller blinds installed to 6m high glass curtain walling

Charterhouse School’s design & technology centre required a solar shading solution capable of covering large expanses of glass. One whole wall of the building is glass from top to bottom and direct sunlight through the glazing was causing heat and glare issues for students and teachers.

The school wanted a solution that was easy to operate, would look neat and tidy when in use and would stand up to the wear and tear of a busy workshop with associated dust and paint. Roller blinds are almost invisible when not in use rolling up to an insignificant roll of approx. 120mm. Roller blinds are also ideal for dusty environments as there are no slats or small components to collect dust. The flat fabric panels look neat when in use rather than hundreds of horizontal slats (venetian blinds) or vertical slats (vertical blinds) tilted at different angles.

Waverley manufactured and installed seven ShadeTech RBXL Heavy duty electrically operated roller blinds in Thetablock 30 dimout fabric. The blinds are operated effortlessly either individually or in a group using a hand held remote controlled switch. Electric operation makes the blinds ‘safe by design’ according to BS EN 13120, and makes the blinds less susceptible to damage as they do not need to be touched at all. The blinds can be stopped in any position giving the teacher total control over of light and privacy in the room.

ThetaBlock 30 is a totally opaque dimout fabric which lets no light through. It benefits from a white backing which reflects a good degree of the solar energy penetrating the glass thereby significantly reducing the heat build-up caused by solar gain. This allowed the school to pick a colour that matched the schools corporate colour without losing any of the blinds functionality.

The end result is a robust solar shading system guaranteed for 5 years that helps create an excellent working environment for students and teachers alike.

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