Wexham School, Slough

Maintenance free electric blinds for high level windows in school main hall

Waverley installed electric roller blinds to high-level Wexham School & Specialist Sports College as part of a refurbishment project at the school. Existing curtains and cord operated curtain tracks were removed and the school chose to replace them with an easy to use and modern alternative – electric roller blinds.

High-level ribbon windows are a common design feature of school halls, maximising natural daylight in a large open space. The challenge of providing room darkening for events has traditionally been solved using cord drawn curtain tracks and dim-out curtains.

Recent legislation restricting the use of looped cords in public buildings is forcing schools to look at alternative methods to provide shading and room darkening. In addition, corded curtain tracks can be a maintenance burden with cords and plastic parts susceptible to damage, and repairs can be costly due to access equipment need to reach to a high level. Replacement costs of curtains and corded tracks are also typically as much, if not more, as electric roller blinds. With continuous advances in technology, the cost of blind motors continues to decrease, making what was once thought of as a luxury, a sensible, value-for-money alternative.

ShadeTech® RBL-E electric roller blinds were manufactured and installed by Waverley. We utilised the unique ‘linked bracket’ system offered by ShadeTech® to make further savings for the school. Linked brackets allow multiple adjacent blinds to be linked together reducing the number of electric motors required and the number of power outlets needed – saving electrical contractor costs as well as product costs.

The school chose DeltaBlock® 40 fabric for the blinds to maximise the room darkening effect of the blinds. DeltaBlock® 40 is an opaque dimout fabric and provides adequate light exclusion when the hall is used for theatrical performances. DeltaBlock® 40 can be wiped clean and is fire retardant to British Standards.

Waverley also manufactured and installed replacement blackout pencil pleat curtains to full height windows in the hall. The curtains were manufactured using a dim-out fabric that was lined with blackout lining. The curtains have 75% fullness which as well as allowing them to hang well, makes a dramatic improvement to the acoustics of the hall.

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