Palmers Green Library, London

Electric roof light blinds and roller blinds installed to Library help achieve BREEAM award

The London Borough of Enfield’s refurbishment of the Palmers Green Library by Borras Construction included blinds to roof lights and perimeter windows. The £2.5 million refurbishment saw the Library benefit from an open-planned layout across three floors.

The refurbishment was the of the London Borough of Enfield’s building to achieve a BREEAM sustainability award. To achieve this, special attention was given to maximising natural daylight to reduce energy usage. Borras installed roof light windows to ensure daylight was allowed right across the building’s footprint on the third floor. The perimeter windows on all floors are over 2.5m high; allowing an excellent amount of natural daylight into the building.

Whilst natural daylight is welcomed, it is necessary to protect occupants from the effects of solar heat gain. To this end, Waverley were asked to manufacture and install solar shading system for the rooflight glazing as well as the standard windows. Being a public building, any manual blinds installed would need to comply with BS EN13120 legislation child safety legislation.

Waverley installed ShadeTech RBT-I tensioned roof-light roller blinds to the roof light windows. They are electrically operated via a wall mounted remote control switch. The blinds can be stopped in any position across the opening. Betascreen 20 fabric was used with a 3% openness factor which cuts out excessive glare and heat whilst allowing filtered natural light into the room. ShadeTech RBT-I tensioned roof-light roller blinds use special tension springs to hold the fabric taut at all times. The system is internally tensioned which means it exerts no tension force on the substrate that it is fixed to.

The perimeter windows were treated with ShadeTech RBL-G Gear operated roller blinds. These are operated by a cranked handle, making them robust enough for use by the general public. Gear operated blinds are also ‘safe by design’ according to BS EN13120 legislation.

Verosol Silverscreen fabric was used on these roller blinds to give maximum protection against solar heat gain without significantly reducing the amount of natural daylight entering the building. Verosol Silverscreen is the highest performing solar shading fabric on the market. Thanks to its highly reflective metallised costing on the glass facing side of the fabric it is able to reflect up to 82% of solar energy entering the building through the glazing. This has a huge impact on air conditioning usage reducing the building’s carbon footprint and helping the client achieve a BREEAM award.

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