South Place Hotel

Dimout blinds and curtains for hotel buildings, South Place Hotel

The architects required a solar shading system that would provide dim-out and privacy.

The close proximity to other high-rise buildings meant that natural light was at a premium. The building was therefore designed with large windows and a blind that provided privacy but made the most of natural daylight was sought.

Waverley supplied & installed spring tensioned ‘bottom up’ dim-out blinds with Thetablock 40 fabric mounted at cill level and operated by a wall mounted radio switch. The blinds can be raised to the required height for privacy allowing natural light into the room above the raised fabric. When fully raised, the blind covers the entire window to provide complete room darkening.

The fabric is enclosed with side channels and the roller tube is concealed within a cassette. Both the side channels and the cassette are recessed into the window reveal so that the blind is invisible when not in use.

Silent Gliss 3840 Wave Curtain tracks were also installed the bedroom windows as well as the lounges and communal areas. Waverley also manufactured and hung Wave curtains to these tracks.

  • Location: London

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