Palestine Exploration Fund, Greenwich


The Palestine Exploration Fund is a British society based in London, founded in 1865.  It is the oldest known organisation in the world created specifically for the study of the Levant region, also known as Palestine.  Often simply known as the PEF, its initial object was to carry out surveys of the topography and ethnography of Ottoman Palestine. They house a large collection of archaeological objects from their excavations carried out between the 1860s and 1930s.

For some years, the organisation was housed in a sequestered mews off Marylebone Lane, W1.  The PEF have now moved into a modern building at Greenwich, just a short walk from the Maritime Museum and Cutty Sark, providing better and larger space for their collections and specialist library.

The requirement: Blinds to large windows to control lux levels and temperatures

We were contacted by Professor John MacDermot, the Hon Secretary of the PEF, regarding the requirement for blinds to their new location by the Thames.  The new display area on the ground floor faces the river, with floor to ceiling glazing, and is subsequently very light. They obviously needed to control lux levels and also temperatures to the space, to ensure the protection of delicate artefacts in showcases.

The challenge: Blinds with a long drop in a suitable screen fabric

A heavy duty hardware system was needed to support blinds covering such a long drop, and with a suitable width fabric to eliminate unsightly fabric joins.  

The solution: Motorised roller blinds in BetaScreen 90 fabric to the display area

We have installed our ShadeTech RBXL-E motorised roller blinds in BetaScreen90 3% openness screen fabric to the display area.  These are linked blinds so that they are controlled together, reducing the number of motors required and subsequently reducing the overall cost. 

The offices and meeting rooms needed a degree of privacy at times from passers by on the Thames path outside.  ShadeTech RBL-C chain operated roller blinds in the same fabric were therefore provided to the entrance, office and meeting room areas. 


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