BLINDSPACE® – back boxes to completely conceal blinds and side channels

Waverley are proud distributors of the patented BlindSpace® range of aluminium back boxes and closure panels that enable architects and interior designers to completely conceal blinds when not in use.

Free hanging roller blinds drop from a thin slot in the ceiling and completely disappear from view when not in use. Roller blinds with side channels i.e blackout blinds or tensioned blinds in roof light openings have a thin slot on all sides of the opening. The fabric cover appears from one end when the blind is operated and runs in the slots on either side of the recess. Again when not in use only a thin groove in the recess is visible.

Architects and interior designers can now offer their clients a new level of sophistication. Blinds no longer need to encroach on glazed openings, allowing you to maintain a clean, uncluttered look.

The Blindspace® solution allows boxes to be recessed behind finished wall/ceiling surfaces during construction, including running electrical wiring. Once construction work is complete blinds including side channels for blackout blinds or flyscreens can then be installed.

Blindspace® covers can be designed to fit flush with the ceiling and painted with the same emulsion paint to blend in seamlessly with the ceiling. Alternatively, a contrasting material can be used such as timber.

Blindspace® gives clients the option of installing blinds at a later date with minimal disruption as closer plate that completely close of the cavity are available.

Blindspace® boxes are available in a range of sizes to suit all types of blinds. The removable close plates give easy access for maintenance

Waverley can provide drawings and technical advice to architects and interior designers on how to incorporate both Blindspace® boxes and blinds on their projects to help them provide their clients with a truly special solar shading and privacy solution.



With over 30 years of technical expertise, Waverley has a proud history working alongside architects and contractors on design, manufacture and installation of internal blinds & solar shading systems, performance drapes & curtains and external canopies within education, healthcare, commercial and non-residential environments.

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