Blinds, Curtains and Canopies Specification

Waverley are one of the few solar shading companies in the UK that stay with architects through the whole process – consultation, specification, manufacture, installation and final commissioning.

We believe that the success of an organisation is hugely impacted by the working environment in which it operates. By being experts in the science of solar shading and applying this knowledge we help architects and specifiers create exceptional working environments that delight their clients and enhance their kudos in the industry.

Blinds for offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and airports play an important role in the functionality and energy efficiency of the building impacting on occupant health and well-being as well as energy useage.

Waverley are experts in automated solar shading solutions. From simple wireless controls to blinds in an entire building connected to BMS controls our team can advise on all aspects of blind and curtain automation.

Waverley’s WeatherSpan canopy range gives architects a full suite of external shading and shelter solutions to suite all types of end user. The collection of aluminium canopies boast a unique hidden gutter system allowing a sleek design that compliments any building type.

We aim to make give architects the reassurance that they have specified the best solution to meet their clients’ needs and budget. A full suite of technical data, CAD drawings, BIM objects, NBS specification wording and samples are at your disposal to ensure your specifications will meet and exceed clients’ expectations.

Blinds for schools in London

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With over 30 years of technical expertise, Waverley has a proud history working alongside architects and contractors on design, manufacture and installation of internal blinds & solar shading systems, performance drapes & curtains and external canopies within education, healthcare, commercial and non-residential environments.

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